Well Never Say Never

Well, never say never
Never think you won’t when you probably will
Well, it may be by accident or by choice?
Choices have to be made when you cross that intersection of which way to go
Go and look back; will you smile at what you never said, and what thought you
Would never do
Do smile; Do frown; Do get mad at yourself just don’t regret it
It is an experience; find that silver lining in it; whether it was good or bad
Wicked and virtuous things really are just the ins and outs of life
Lessons are taught; hopefully you’ve learned something that is worth using
Life is so beautiful; so unpredictable; so unfair; so cold; so temporary
Ah! I won’t go on with the song and dance of me saying
Because never think you won’t when you probably will
Never say never

©DeAnnLain 2017

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