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“Just Going Thru Some Thangs is so wonderful to read! These ladies in book are refreshing and they show us that a woman who appears to have together can still go thru some thangs! Can’t wait for book two please HURRY UP! PS: Ms. Lain I live in Tobago and thank you for a page turner!”
—Karem Davison

“OMG!!! My sister bought your book as a PDF. She screamed when she got to the last page. On and on she went about this book. So, I picked it up and read it in one day. You left me thirsty and sitting on my hands until the next release!”
—Mattie Johnson

“My wife found your book online and ordered it for our still growing library in our family room. We are grandparents who have several grand daughters who are not as willing to sit and enjoy the pleasure of reading. Well, I have to say that has changed when my eldest granddaughter spent a week with us. I told her we have some new books in the family room. Of course she skimmed through several of them and she picked your book up. She could not put it down! Quiet and still is what we were amazed at. Your book is on time. My wife read your book as well and she is impressed at the details of each character. We will be buying your next book.”
—Darrel Brereton

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Love this book. Promise me Rachel and Phillip will get together. I love these two. This storyline between the two of them is so refreshing!”

“Excellent book! Just got it last week and I tell you DeAnn you are so talented!
I’m still caught up in these characters. WOW!”
—Vivian Lancer

“The title is so fitting for this book. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but boy did you deliver a hell of a read. I have to applaud you for not writing the street literature that has plagued our reading selections. Thank you for putting a slang term for me to use when things get out of control. I’M GOING THRU SOME THANGS! Waiting for book two! I’m a fan.”
—Crystal Mathews

“DeAnn Lain you are simply creative, yet ummm… This book is awesome!
—Frances Williamson

“GREAT BOOK! Flipped the first three pages and you made me late for work the next day! I sat up all night reading and you took my breath away. Went to your website and love the video trailer, and spring 2014 I have to find out what happens with Rachel and Phillip, but that Lee is a mess.”
—Alaze Brooder

“JUST GOING THRU SOME THANGS! Could not put down this book not for a second. Brenda that woman went through it, but she is still standing. Rachel is a lady and see why Phillip feel in love with her. However, that Lee needs a head doctor, but she keeps it real. Love how you write.”
—Shanice W.

“Had to give a shout out to you and your first book, great! Book two has got to top this one. You go girl. Love your real take on life. Deann I’m a fan.”

“Wooooo! Lots to take in!!! Hey great read. Deann Lain your book two is on my list of what I want as a gift from my wish list! You’re writing is so down to earth.”

“Deann love the book very much. Different and straight to point! The characters are so real and down to earth. No street corner nonsense, yet the gritty garbage we all go through. Each character show’s women of today that we are not just sex objects who need a man to validate us. Strong; powerful; kind; loyal and simply taking life by its horns and doing what we need to do to make sure we make difference in each other’s life. Love the book Deann!!!”
—Lauren Jackson

“A wonderful writer opens the door for readers; allowing them to experience the many things that are spoken of in the book… This book and it’s writer are no exception!!! I will look for more from you in the future! Best Wishes!!!”

“This book has actually taken my breath away. I was unable to put this book down…. there are real women that have experienced the same situations. Applause to you for sharing the real situations that you have been through. In never knew that someone could actually make a reader feel this way. You have touched me. There are real women out there. I suggest that men relax and take 4 to 5 hours to feel the text that you have created. this is a wonderful piece. If you never meet or read a real woman’s piece this is the one. Dee Lain you are the bomb. I am waiting for more. I am your number one fan forever. GIVE ME MORE!!!!!”

“Being constantly occupied with family, friends, school, social life, and life in general, reading is an escape for me. This is a book that doesn’t take me too far from reality , all the characters come to life as you read on. I appreciate the simplistic and classy look of the book and look forward to the rest of the trilogy.”
—Mattie N.

“My daughter asked to read your book, Just Going Thru Some Thangs. Went to your website and did a look over. Loved the website! Ordered the book and I did a once over she’s sixteen and I was worried that she might be reading that hood genre.  Took it to work and let me tell you I didn’t get it, gave it to my sister she read it in one day and she ordered her own copy. It’s a girl thing, but I get it! Black girls any girl can get the message that you are sending: Education, friendship; loyalty and just learning from life lessons. Read some of you poetry and I’m a fan too!”
—James Corkin

“My daughter told me about this new book out there with the title, Just Going Thru Some Thangs. I’m thinking another hood book; jail book; slut book. Nothing of the sort! You give young women a vision a guide to where they could go if they believe. Adding, your characters are so positive and real. Hey, DeAnn keep doing what you do. Ms. Lain you are talented as a writer and you have the gift for women to see life isn’t perfect but if you have friends then you can do anything. All the characters are the book are good but that Lee is something. Saw the release of the next book and can’t wait to read and just get lost for the day. I was left impressed. Finally good reading; with great characters and by the way thank you for being true to the art of good writing DeAnn, I thank you.  This is different for women of color! We are chic and beautiful and so is your book.”
—Sharon Ward

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