Real Women Real People Real Situations Real Solutions

Real Women struggle thru rain or shine; no vacation for her
Real Women forgive despite the event or malice thrown at them; thru it all the heart is
intact to take on more
Real Women fight for love; for their lives just to get thru its end result no matter the
Real Women pray for others in their time of need no matter what they go thru
Real Women love no matter the hurt; the pain they go thru
Real Women can laugh and smile thru all of their depression; hard distress; reoccurring
doubtful moments of uncertainty; unbearable dark days.
Real People let you down thru your moment of declination
Real People discard you as you go thru your time of need
Real People will keep it real thru your struggle with encouraging words
Real People will test you thru your days when you check-in and the days when you
Real people will question you thru your moments of self-doubt
Real people will fight for you thru all of the haters’ hurdles who wish to destroy you;
believe me they are there right in front of you
Real people will be there thru it all; be there for you when you don’t want them too; thru it
all they will teach you; honor you; understand you; revere you
Real Situations change you thru its process; when you can distinguish better you will do
better; I promise
Real Situations help you thru fruition; ripe ready to be picked so you can move forward
with your unique essence and nourishment to enhance this world
Real Situations make you better understand what’s really important thru what you don’t have
Real Situations no matter the day or time will−either break you or make you; question? Will you make it thru?
Real Situations teach you thru all of life’s hit and runs; don’t forget about being thrown under the bus
Real Situations are no one’s friend thru it all
Real Situations are lessons thru life that make you think about the past/present/ the now; happy for what you
have survived; refrain from the repetition of making the same old mistakes again; unleash the planted mighty
oak from within to grow and spread its good judgment.
Real Solutions offer a contemplated plan thru your passage
Real Solutions give a chance for the heart and soul to rest thru this passage
Real Solutions never backfire thru the plan used to get you thru your personal passage from the powers
that dance above you; can you feel it; smell it; taste it
Real Solutions make you solid thru the passage; so that you’re ready for what’s ahead of you
Real Solutions push away those who know not what you have traveled through so they fear your awareness;
your insight; your sixth sense
Real Solutions prepare you for the next level thru your mapped out path in this life given to you by the powers
that just are
Real Solutions are your guide and protection thru this journey we call life and we will thank the protector;
homage will be paid to the one in control it ain’t you; underlay one’s foolishness; revival in the joy of being
made special despite what someone else says or thinks about you.
Real Women Real People Real Situations Real Solutions only offer a lesson or lessons in life, as we advance to
the next level while on this expedition called life that will either better you or destroy you! Be thankful for
choices which one will you choose?

©DeAnnLain 2011

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