Contemporary Urban Poetry

Dear Readers of Poetry,

I have always found that contemporary urban poetry has been an outlet for me to express my most inner thoughts and feelings. It’s a flow that is natural, yet given to me as a gift from my creator; my ancestors; my here and now, and yes just a way to let the world know what’s on my mind, and at times just my personal journal. As a writer, I only want to teach a lesson and inspire my readers to use my experiences to help them foresee how they can better their lives thru me. Poetry is one’s way of just being honest and true to myself without anyone judging me.

I have to admit that finding my true calling was not easy when the world was just spinning and spinning all around me. However, when that moment came the powers that rule over my life I found myself on an island all alone to pray, and to seek which dot to begin to connect to find a new beginning. Before you think this wonderful epiphany was angelic, NOT! I cried; I yelled; I screamed; I wallowed on floor like a little child and I even locked myself away from the world cursing and yelling like a sailor. Well, through Divine intervention I have found my true calling as a, “Writer”. I love poetry and love to write about all types of Real Women; Real People; Real Life; Real Situations, and Real Solutions.

Poetry should always paint a picture using vivid words; so your reader can hear, taste, touch, smell, and see all that you do as you reach out to them thru your words; as you give birth to each comprehensible sentence you present to your reader they should be as one with you. Only you can write what you know best. Trust and believe the flow and the gift. I would like to believe it has been given to me, because I have been entrusted with the power of words simply because I love how they can change how you see the world we live in. I promise to always use them wisely and warmly to give my readers a lesson and a sense of understanding what they too are going thru. Just Going Thru Some Thangs is an awesome one of a kind of flight we all take for just a moment in time. You have to know that when you land you are not in control when the flight is over.

If you read a book, a magazine, a newspaper, or just any old anything; poetry offers something more significant than just a read. If done right it can change a mindset; a life; a people; a world and the way we love and treat one another. Thru words (Yes, I like this word used this way) we offer humanity a chance to stop and think for just an instant. Within this instant moment the writer can really spin a wonderful lesson thru simple words that are carefully laid to tell a story just long enough for the reader to benefit from in hopes to inspire goodness. Whether you are a man or woman, gay or straight, black or white or of an Asian persuasion come as you are to me, because you have been invited into my world of positive, yet funny ways of looking at my life and how I have taken lemons and made Lemon Aid to drink with my Lemon Meringue Pie. Yes, I made me some damn pie all right! Why just Lemon Aid? I got to eat too!

Just Going Thru Some Thangs,
DeAnn Lain

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