A Strong Woman’s Thang!

A Strong Woman’s Thang is given to every color; creed; socioeconomic status of women far and near; even to
A Strong Woman’s Thang does not include a hidden agenda; she is just upfront and honest!
A Strong Woman’s Thang is to hold it down when others can’t or won’t
A Strong Woman’s Thang is misunderstood by those who see her as angry, and just downright miserable – she
see’s world for what it is
A Strong Woman’s Thang is a rite of passage when this world doesn’t see her as a giver of life
A Strong Woman’s Thang can be recognized by her actions not by her hair, her hips, her eyes, or her lips
A Strong Woman’s Thang is to change the world around her for the good of her family and friends; even a
stranger if they to join her circle
A Strong Woman’s Thang is seen thru her thoughts about life and her sphere of friends to help her stay strong, and keep her true to-herself-as she would insure she returned the gesture regardless the day or the hour
A Strong Woman’s Thang is that she’s always on alert for those who seek her out for her help or words of
A Strong Woman’s Thang is most noticeable by how loud she is when she needs to express herself when others
step over the line. It’s a Strong Woman’s Thang when she must lie down her ladies cape and pick up the bitch’s
cloak she must wear from time to time when the following is violated by those who step over:
Her line of how dare you touch mine
Her line where your condescending tone dare try and tear away her pride
Her line of how you my try and judge her based on a piece of what you my hear or see
Her line of you wanting her to apologize for being accomplished
Her line of having a plan for a positive day; every day
Her line of having love for me, myself, and I
It’s a Strong Woman’s Thang when she tells those who violate her to back off as loud as she can and for those
who are within earshot you better catch a clue, because this strong woman is not the one boo when you step
Her line of wanting to better herself with a higher education
Her line of wanting to be the best she can be despite her impossible situation
Her line of smiling just because she woke up today
Her line of knowing right from wrong and she is willing to stand up for it
Her line of lending a positive word to another who may need a pick me up
Her line of how dare you say what she can’t do and what she can do, because she knows she can do anything
she puts her mind too
It’s a Strong Woman’s Thang when she must turn her back on those who use her by taking her niceness for as
a weakness, and her hurt knowing the truth; a Strong Woman can trace the clues when you step over:
Her line of always being the giver – never asking for any consideration in return just the same respect she has
handed out
Her line of always saying I’m sorry for the small things when you don’t for your big things
Her line of never just saying you envy what she has until you blow up at her when things in your life have
overloaded you−you slipped and all of your unspoken thoughts about her blurted out
Her line of not having put her first when she has put you above her own well-being
Her line of how dare you think I am going to take your whatever and not question your lack of effort
Her line of you except more for me and I should never expect anything from you, but lots of excuses
How about this! A Strong Woman’s Thang is she will walk when there is no more room to draw a line for you to
cross she will be silent in her exit-just know she gave you chance after chance to be aware of her boundaries
That’s A Strong Woman’s Thang!

©DeAnnLain 2012

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