Releasing November 2021

Just Going Thru Some Thangs!
Volume II: The Journey

Ten years later they are professionals who despite education and money are still Just Going Thru Some Thangs with old business, yet to be finished from Volume I. Twists, turns, old and new characters will bring into play their life lessons from the past and the present. Choices will be made that will change their lives forever despite how much they fight against it. Many secrets will open up lots of new wounds that can only be healed by their bond. The heavens above will be their only solace as they make it thru the tundra call Just Going Thru Some Thangs. As their journey is set the quest begins as they reach for the stars as women who are ready to carve out their own way of how they will move forward in this life with their own rules and guidelines.

Visual Storytelling

Freedom Line

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