The Trilogy – Just Going Thru Some Thangs

The Trilogy ArtJust Going Thru Some Thangs the trilogy has three volumes: The Beginning- Volume I, The Journey-Volume II, and The Quest-Volume III all written to showcase the trials and tribulations of Brenda James, Lee Jordan, and Rachel Tims as they progress into three very strong women who will be tested in the arena called,” life.” This arena has no guidebook, no referee, or coach to get them thru it. Unlikely best friends who continue to keep their bond sealed with loyalty, love, the latitude and the longitude to understand and teach each other how to continue to be strong thru their ups and downs will show how sisterhood should grow through a span of a time despite distance and their different career paths.

Just Going Thru Some Thangs, a slang splashed twang used by women is just another way to say, “Life is kicking the hell out of me and I have to handle it no matter the day or the hour; rain or shine; come what may, a sister got to handle her business every single day!” These ladies embody this idea of how to get thru, and over every hurdle as they must leap above and beyond each unexpected obstacle to advance to their goals set by the universe in which they must achieve; whether it is a broken heart, a lost pathway out of the forest of confusion, or simply just not being able to face life head on as it heads straight for them like an out of control storm from nowhere. Just Going Thru Some Thangs is not for a woman who is out of touch with womanhood, but in touch with what women go thru as they migrate into a women of a certain age and what it takes to get to that point of arrival where she can orchestrate her own way of how she loves; how she lives; how she sees herself as someone who is proud of this powerful journey to being content and sure of her expanded wisdom thru it all.

The Beginning- Volume I is where this story begins. These three young women know the moment in time where she stepped into womanhood. Awkward and naïve in this new corridor in their lives will take each of them thru one hell of a ride as they try and handle the reality of disappointment and the many unforeseen new adventures untried by them. Foolish choices, bad ideas, and lots of challenges’ that will test that special bond only the three of them can understand. Yet, their secrets are not revealed until they’ve finished the beginning of Just Going Thru Some Thangs. Then they will move forward on their new journey as women.

The Journey – Volume II ten years later they are professionals who despite education, and money are still Just Going Thru Some Thangs with old business, yet to be finished from Volume I. Twists, turns, old and new characters will bring into play their life lessons from the past and the present. Choices will be made that will change their lives forever despite how much they fight against it. Many secrets will open up lots of new wounds that can only be healed by their bond. The heavens above will be their only solace as they make it thru the tundra call Just Going Thru Some Thangs. As their journey is set the quest begins as they reach for the stars as women who are ready to carve out their own way of how they will move forward in this life with their own rules and guidelines.

The Quest-Volume III the ladies are women of a certain age who are still Just Going Thru Some Thangs. They will show readers how their choices have changed them either for the better, for the worse, or if they still stayed stagnated in waters of the past still making the same bad choices. The business of their lives will need lots of attention because the wrong move could force their hand to stray away from their planned pathways to lasting love, success, and the simple joys of life. Family and friends will suffer as well as these characters’ who must challenge themselves to always listen, learn, and lead by example for those who depend on them, love them, and wish only the best for them when they are Just Going Thru Some Thangs.

Thru it all their unbreakable alliance will rule. These ladies represent what real friendship looks like over time. Being each other’s backup as well as each other’s safety net when there is no one else there to catch them is what every person, every woman, and anybody who craves for in a friendship built on a bond laced with lots of Just Going Thru Some Thangs to keep it real for the character’s and the reader. This trilogy represents: Real Women; Real People; Real Life; Real Situations, and Real Solutions.