Rachel Bianca Tims: West Coast Native – The Californian

Rachel Bianca Tims ArtThe achiever has the liveliness of a highly driven individual person who motives those in her life to want the catch the passion, the vitality, and the aspiration to want the world to eat out of their hands. Rachel’s need to want reach for more, while seeking for better horizons and attain elevated goals of success in her career puts love on the sideline until she has to follow through on her quest to complete what she has been put here to do. Her past wears a veil of darkness, which makes those who wish to know her constantly want to find that silver lining of her true self in the light of vulnerability. Rachel Bianca Tims is a resilient, tough, yet tolerant woman who will take on the world with a cool-headed mindset as she applies her natural-born ability to rule as she takes command of any situation as a leader who finishes what she starts. Her softer side brings out the beauty in an unfruitful, barren cold spaces in a room with her cunning simple charming wit, while in the presence of others.

She leaves those she meets with and energy of what a true woman can accomplish with a heart of a philosophical Nubian Queen. As a keen-minded thinker who has high idealistic standards in which she lives by she bends for no one. Her thoughts are innovative and imaginative, so much that other’s often misunderstand her. Falling off the pathway of getting to a social interaction with others makes her feel unapproachable which make her feel so alone and empty at times. Her breezy exterior burns from within with fantastical ideals about life and family.

As she makes her way thru this life this passion is her inner motivation. A natural beauty who transforms the world and those around her with her mere presence is simply a gift she has been given without an agenda; just her love and heart in the right place. Her quiet way is just that unique perspective Rachel Bianca Tims was made of. Her best friends look to her for that highly influential way they should live and how they should take hold of this life by the horns, so they can be the ladies they wish they become despite their short comings. Oh! Let’s not forget her sense of style and flare of the seasons she seems to keep in tune with, because only the best will do for her.