Lee Alexis Jordan: Native Southern Peach – The Georgian

Lee Alexis Jordan ArtThis trailblazer is a pathfinder with a vigorous drive of passion who at times doesn’t get along with others and steals the hearts of the unsuspecting lover who she sets her eyes on. She’ll leave him dazed with her fiery passion. The mover and shaker who must be ruled from the waist down sexually is her weakness. For Lee, having real friends who are loyal to her is not an easy task for her to attain. Yet, there is this charming, gregarious that mingles a board mix of personalities that draw only a few to her true self. Very confident and a sturdy faith coated with self-assurance and lack self control at times.

Ms. Jordan is that one person in a room who sees through superficialities and will not tolerate fluff that takes the form of an underhanded fake who enters her realm. Beware of her, because she will dismiss you and if you refuse to leave she will destroy you. Ms. Jordan places a high value on her time, and looks down those who waste time. The only way to get to the heart of Ms. Lee Alexis Jordan is move as she does and that is be motivated by actions and their results.

She is never what she appears to be what other’s see inside Ms. Jordan is relatively different. Before you approach you should know what you are about to encounter and be very sure of yourself because the phrase, “never judge a book by its cover” will be your test when you step in to her dominion. An average lifestyle is what she desires, although she has this inexhaustible creative flame she carries with her everyday of life. She can easily adjust and adapt to most life situations very well, unless there is closure to past issues that concern her she will always be restless.

Always focused on satisfying her thirst for whatever her one objective is despite who she may hurt or injure in her path; doesn’t change her course of action; nevertheless she will find the time to comfort others at the same time regardless of what she is going thru. Curiosity is just a natural thread she has woven within her. Always interested in a broad range of topics and issues as a child it has stayed with her as an adult. A poor listener she finds that other’s seek her out as an outlet for releasing their burdens. A great sense of humor she has, but no clear understanding of irony in which she brings upon herself. Although, seeing the big picture, and having an amazing insight Ms. Jordan won’t give herself the credit for her observations and lesson learned.