Brenda Desireé James: East Coast Native – The New Yorker

Brenda Desireé James ArtThe survivor, she is just that! Ms. Brenda Desireé James is the one who overcomes all odds when it comes to the affairs of the heart. She is intellectually sharp, but what she wears on her shoulder is her compassion and loyalty to others. Her giving nature tends to be seen as a weakness to others who fail to study the presences of her gift; her heart. Lending herself to others is that one quality that she can’t contain when lending a helping hand in spite of her own difficult times. Ms. Brenda Desireé James often looks at life as unfair; still she takes on all of the obstacles coming at her regardless of their unwanted intrusive invitations that enter her life which often stirs up a dust of chaos. Silence and a reserved perseverance wrapped in a soulful polished armor is how she deals with a waning sun that sits over her life at times. Soft spoken with a keen wittiness about herself, adding her charming, sweet charismatic aura can be seen by men and women who see her tough deep-rooted belief in her genuineness and sincerity when she deals with others one on one.

She is never unpredictable which keeps her personality in place no matter what may happen without her prompting. At times she finds herself occupied with contradictions which can make her indecisive when trying to find her way through a situation. Nevertheless, she is an equalizer who can see both sides of a story as she looks to the universe for balance and fairness; she is never judgmental. Never intentionally picking a side Brenda can see the good and the bad.

Ms. Brenda Desireé James is sure that she does what loves; shape and create her idea of how the world should look by studying to become an architect. Her love of buildings and art is what she mostly depends on when she takes on the idea of crafting with her magical drawing tools the perfect structure. Born with that distinctive taste in how to see buildings and their oddities is that gift she has. As she evolves she will begin to notice that she has a Midas touch when it comes to taking  and changing the plain into the spectacular beauty it was meant to be. Elegance and class wins over others who admire her classic style and poise.